Search For Lost Triumphs

Grendha is a 1-4 player strategic war game equipped with detailed Miniatures, Cards, Tokens, and Dice. This is the quest of four heroes and their warriors to find the lost pages of Grendha.

Playing Time

120 - 180 minutes

1 - 4 player

Competitive and co-op experience.

An ancient battle is nearing an end. But will this end usher in an era of peace, or will it be the beginning of a wave of destruction?

About Grendha

Two ancient beings, brothers of the same blood, slayers of monsters and protectors of the realm, clash in a battle that divides a planet. What was once the pinnacle of civilization now rots in the civil war. Lurking in dark caves and ruined cities, powerful beings conspire to seize power. To restore balance and order, a warrior must emerge to unite or destroy. The deepest secrets of creation, once locked inside Grendha, now remain scattered across the ancient battlefields of Meru.

Two brothers shed their blood for peace must now pay in blood for their deeds. Will it be the end or just another beginning? Let’s find out.


Game Play

In Grendha you take on the helm of
one of four powerful heroes.

There is an ancient tome, and it is said that the hidden secrets of creation were locked inside its pages. There are also whispers that the same book turned a once benevolent god mad and caused him to turn on his own people. There is no way to know if the powerful tome can be wielded for good and restore order because the pages were torn from the binding and scattered through time and space. The book could not be destroyed, but it could be hidden. It is time for the book to be restored.

The objective is to search the map, collect those pages, and reform the lost book Grendha. The game can be played in a purely competitive mode at two players, or a cooperative team play mode at four players.

At all player counts, each player will choose a hero and take command of them and their armies. During the game, you will explore the mythical lands, command your warriors, collect items, discover clues, and gather resources. Your hero will need to slip through time, enter the celestial city, and discover the location of the lost pages. Quick! Your hero must restore the book before it is too late.


Grendha is an epic miniature game told through the thrilling story of a God gone mad and his two son’s quest to restore order. To do so they need to collect all of the pages of the powerful book that once belonged to their father. However they have different views on what to do with the book. Should they destroy it or should they use the power that its pages unlock?

Once the location of all of the pages are discovered it is a thrilling race to the end to be the one hero holding all of the pages to the lost book: Grendha. The one who owns it becomes the kind of land.

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244+ miniatures, 234+ cards, tokens & dice
This strategic war game is designed to thrill


  • 1 x Vishara
  • 1 x Vurthon
  • 1 x Deva
  • 1 x Ondu
  • 100 x Digger (UR)
  • 35 x Vurthon soldiers
  • 35 x Vishare soldiers
  • 35 x Deva soldiers
  • 35 x Ondu soldiers

Tokens and Pieces

  • 1 x Chakra
  • 80 x Gold Tokens
  • 80 x Silver Tokens
  • 80 x Crop Token
  • 80 x Wood Token
  • 80 x Arthom Token
  • 4 x Health marking pieces
  • 4 x Markers for Reputation
  • 4 x Defence marking Pieces
  • 4 x Attack marking pieces
  • 4 x Strength marking pieces
  • 4 x Time jump tokens


  • 2 x Silver dice
  • 5 x Compact dice
  • 5 x Defence dice
  • 4 x Yellow Diamond dice
  • 4 x Blue Diamond dice


  • 1 x Game Board
  • 1 x Vishara character Board
  • 1 x Vurthon character Board
  • 1 x Deva Character Board
  • 1 x Ondu Character Board


  • 20 x Item cards
  • 20 x Clue cards
  • 30 x Resource cards
  • 36 x Leaf cards
  • 36 x Leaf guide card
  • 20 x Sword encounter cards
  • 20 x Shield encounter cards
  • 36 x Territory cards

Highly-Detailed Miniatures

The warriors and army in the game are represented by beautiful, highly-detailed miniatures, bringing Grendha to life on your tabletop.

vishara clan
vurthon clan
ondu clan
deva clan

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Expansion characters

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Stretch goal characters

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