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open the Book of Secrets.

This is the quest of four ancient heroes to find the secrets of creation that were hidden in an ancient tome which came to be known as Grendha. The pages were torn out and scattered through time to protect humanity. Now the time has come and they must be retrieved.
Grendha: Search For Lost Triumphs core unit box comes with everything needed to build an army and join the battle to find the long lost pages. There are 234 miniatures included for you to build your army. These fierce warrior miniatures come in three different sculpts. These warriors are mercenaries who will kill anyone to get to the leaves of the priceless book, Grendha. So no matter what army your fielding, they will join your ranks. For a price!

  • Type : Exploration, Strategy, War, Area Control, Set Collection, Resource Management, Negotiating/Trade

  • Players : 1-4 players, Competitive and co-op experience.

  • Playing Time : 120 - 180 minutes

Develop your strategy

Burn your strategy tokens to become allies, share resources, and army. But beware of your allies, because they can turn anytime against you. These warriors are mercenaries who will kill anyone to get to the leaves of the priceless book called Grendha. So no matter what army you are fielding, they will join your ranks. For a price!

Highly Detailed Figures

All of the warriors and leaders are portrayed by highly-detailed miniature figures.

Fight & Negotiate

Your character is going to be tested throughout the course of the game in dozens of combat and non-combat encounters. You will explore and take control of territories and you will have to defend these areas, and the items that you collect within their borders. Sometimes you can do this through brute force on the field of battle, however you will often find diplomacy to be the better option as you negotiate and trade with other players.
Regardless of whether you fight with your strength or your wits, you will stay deeply immersed in this game and its story. Additionally you are guaranteed intrigue in unique game mechanics involving movement and time that are sure to keep you deep in thought, carefully planning your next move.


On a planet swarming with dangers and wonders, where every step is treacherous and perilous, you must use every ounce of wit and cunning to survive. Your decisions will shape both your adventure and the game world around you, as each act is set apart by many years, revealing the long-term consequences of your actions. During the game, you will command your warriors, collect items, discover clues and gather resources. Your hero will need to slip through time enter the celestial city and discover the location of the lost pages of Grendha.